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“Our community really wanted sound wall art that was meaningful, historic and beautiful. The research and care that Big3D Productions, Inc. took in coming up with the concept was incredible. Then their professional, sharp presentation to the committee simply cinched the deal. They made us all look really good.”

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Since we have done so much relief sculpture for highway projects around the nation, we can’t look at a large expanse of concrete wall now without thinking of it as a huge canvas—just waiting for dimensional artwork to enhance it. We have created the master artwork relief sculptures, custom patterns and/or textures for nearly 25 highways around the country now. And we have more in the queue for 2010. Soundwalls are such a unique way to honor the historic and local flavor of a region.

We work with Department of Transportation departments around the nation on their dream projects. The possibilities are endless. Truly, in concrete, if you can imagine it—we can sculpt it. If you are going to be pouring concrete anyway, let us make it beautiful for you.

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