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“I thought Big3D Productions, Inc. would laugh at my Little napkin doodle that showed my idea. Well, they did laugh—but then they redesigned it professionally and it looked just like what was in my head to begin with. Only way better. Who knew I was so good!”

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When you work with clients long distance as we often do in serving the whole nation, you have to get pretty good at explaining how things work.

Often, the first order of business when we start discussing a project is: do we all have the same picture in our heads when we say “3D?” We have developed some interesting ways to help us and our clients remain on the same page when discussing what is an “inny” and what is an “outy.” Click on the thumbnails to your right to see some of the innovative ways we use to help communicate a 3D solution.

Of course, we can start with very formal architectural drawings. But the norm is a bit closer to the doodle on a chili stained napkin. After nearly 20 years in business, we just naturally visualize in 3D. But we are not doing our job unless we bring our clients along for the ride with us in all the fun.

With initial computer designs showing several different options, emails, phone calls and digital photos every several days of production - our clients really understand what they are getting and truly are an integral part of the end result.

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