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“We had a client who found it hard to visualize in 3D.
Being able to see it in 3D on the computer and then in an actual model cleared up all their misgivings. We were knocked out by Big3D Productions, Inc. A model?!? Who the heck makes models anymore?”

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Showing a client that first 3D computer design is always exciting. We have had it visualized clearly in 3D from the start—but that is often not the case for a client in need of our help. That first nod and smile or even a gasp is such a thrill for all of us. We are all on the same page at last!

We have found that monochromatic computer models keep everyone focused on the most important issue—the dimension, the proportions, the composition. Color is just the icing on the cake after that—since all the fancy colors and finishes in the world will not cover up bad overall design.

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3D signs featured project
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