Big 3D Productions

“There just aren’t that many studios anymore that can do complex projects in-house. From concept, design, board-room-style presentations, computer model, then an actual model, fabricate it, do all the finish work, deliver it on time -— safe and sound anywhere in the USA. That’s why we keep coming back to Big3D Productions, Inc.”

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Big3D Productions, Inc. is an art studio & shop devoted to dimensional fabrication in all forms: 3D signs, sculpture, public art, fine art, soundwalls, props, models and 3D computer design.

We work within a wide range of mediums using the finest quality materials. We have been in business since 1991. We are pioneers in the large scale format relief sculpture industry. Our work can be seen in every corner of the nation.

This is mostly a visual site. So just enjoy looking around at all of our fun projects.

Here’s our only sales pitch:
1. We do fantastic work at a fair price.
2. On time.
3. Within budget.
4. Even better than you imagined it would be.
5. Or your money back.

Have fun exploring our world via the tabs above and call us to brainstorm with your next dimensional project.

Carol Jeanotilla, Founder & President
Kathryn L. Bethna, Vice-President


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